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REAL ESTATEMr. Katz is much more than your Denver real estate lawyer

Real estate transactions often contain a variety of challenges, with each type of transaction presenting its own unique set of complexities. Our Denver real estate lawyer, Mr. Katz, advises clients in acquisitions, sales, financing, and development of both commercial and residential properties. He believes that there are no boilerplate solutions. He carefully analyses the multiple aspects of each deal so that purchase and sales contracts, leases, and other transactions are written and negotiated in the best interests of his clients.

“During my 25 years in the real estate business, I have worked with many attorneys. Michael Katz stands out as a result of his thoroughness, quick response time and the fact that he continuously thinks one step ahead of the process.”
David Fried, Sr.

P and Real Estate Broker, Fuller Real Estate Company

An Experienced Denver Real Estate Attorney

Mr. Katz, a licensed real estate broker since 1982, is a member of the Colorado Bar Association’s Division of Real Estate and stays up to date on trends impacting Colorado real estate. As an experience Denver real estate attorney, he handles real estate-related legal issues including:

  • Purchase or sale of residential and commercial real estate, land and investment properties
  • Commercial leasing
  • Condominiums and cooperatives
  • Conveyance
  • Land use and zoning
  • Title Insurance
“Michael was an absolute professional throughout the entire sale process. His guidance was timely and accurate. Michael presented any issues to our mutual client in a clear and concise matter, which made the process run very smoothly. Michael is one of the great real estate attorneys in Metro Denver and I would highly recommend his services to any of my clients.”
Tyler Reed

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