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He is your adviser and franchise guru. The FTC requires that a franchisor provide a “Franchise Disclosure Document” (FDD) to a prospective franchisee.  This document can be over 150 pages since it is a comprehensive description of the franchise opportunity.  As an experienced franchise lawyer, Mr. Katz understands and will clarify the content of this document, as well as the legal, ethical, and practical framework within which any franchise opportunity must operate.

As a franchise attorney, Mr. Katz takes a proactive role with his franchisee clients by imparting both legal advice and practical business counsel.  Franchisee clients also benefit from the firm’s business, transactional, and real estate practices as franchise opportunities most often touch on these areas of the law.

“When considering the purchase of a Franchise, I wanted to make sure that I was well informed on the intricacy of both the UFOC and the franchise contract. I hired Michael to review the documents and give me a full understanding of all that franchise ownership entails from a legal standpoint. He explained what was standard operating procedure and boilerplate and clarified the most relevant details. He advised me on what I needed to consider and highlighted important points of discussion when it came time to purchase the Franchise. Based on the great notes he prepared, I felt knowledgeable and confident when I negotiated the contract with the franchisor. Michael is personable, straight forward and a great attorney.”
Kathy Pirner

Franchisee for City Publications

Franchise Attorney Consultation

Mr. Katz focuses on understanding his client’s personality, business background, skills, management style, and goals.  This is an integral part of advising the client on the purchase decision.  It is important that the buyer and the opportunity be a good fit.  With this in mind, he explains what to expect when buying a franchise and the issues that may arise.  He shares his general industry knowledge as a franchise lawyer and reviews any potential concerns related to the business sector of the specific franchise.

Franchise Lawyer Document Review

After reviewing the FDD, Mr. Katz prepares a detailed memo explaining the document. He presents usual industry practices and what may be unique to this franchise. He offers his opinion on what he considers to be non-negotiable terms and advises on issues that might be negotiable. He offers background and “behind-the-scenes” information so that the buyer is clear about expectations.

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