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FOR FRANCHISEESMr. Katz is much more than your franchise attorney


He is your adviser and franchise guru. Franchising is a sophisticated and complex business model.  Choosing the right franchise lawyer is an important step in decoding the steps needed to reach ones goal.  Mr. Katz has over 45 years of experience in the field and brings to bear this experience and expertise when working with his clients.

To this end, Mr. Katz works with prospective franchisor clients on the development, structuring, and registration of initial franchise offerings.  Mr. Katz provides a comprehensive and proven process to facilitate the implementation of your franchise concept, based on over 20 years of experience as a franchise attorney.   This includes the drafting of the federally mandated “Franchise Disclosure Document” or “FDD”.  Franchisor clients also benefit from Mr. Katz’s business, transactional, and real estate practices in the drafting of this document since a fully realized franchise system will include the consideration of these areas of the law.

“We hired Michael to prepare all initial franchise documents for a franchise concept we are launching based on our successful restaurant. Our experience is that he is knowledgeable, dedicated, and available to give his counsel and constructive business advice. The documents are meticulous and also communicate a very personal approach that reflects well on our company. Unlike many other professionals in the franchising business, we have been pleased that Michael does not produce documents like a “mill” but with a tailored and deliberate approach that we expect will serve not only us, but also our franchisees as well. He is reliable and timely in producing documents and feedback as promised. It is obvious that Michael truly cares. He is personable, warm and has a great sense of humor. In our opinion, Michael is exceptional and a perfect fit for the team of professionals we have been blessed with to help us advance a promising business venture.”
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Client Consultation

Mr. Katz provides an overview of the franchise industry in general. He listens carefully to your ideas and reviews your business documents to understand what you have to offer. As a franchise attorney, he clearly explains the role and responsibility of a franchisor as both a mentor to new franchisees and as the administrator of the franchisor business.

Information Collection

To best represent your business concept in the FDD, Mr. Katz has the franchisor complete a 45-page questionnaire. This process compels the franchisor to focus on the core aspects of the opportunity and results in a more educated franchise administrator.

FDD Document Preparation

Based on the consultation and completed questionnaire, Mr. Katz drafts a customized FDD. He and the franchisor review it in great detail to insure that the franchise concept is fairly described, and the many specifics are clearly presented. Mr. Katz uses this process to continue to educate you in the legal and business obligations of a franchisor.

Franchise Attorney Philosophy

As a franchise lawyer, Mr. Katz works on an ongoing basis as counsel for issues related to business, administration, and ethics of the franchisor, as well as providing practical feedback to everyday problems.

Michael J. Katz’s Legal Eagle Award

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Franchise Bible

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Written by Michael J. Katz, this chapter was originally published in “International Franchising” available on Juris Publications. This should be read by anyone new to franchising in the United States. It is useful for new franchisors or franchisees and for franchisors or franchisees from foreign countries.

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